Esporão Wine Tasting at Aventura

Last month I purchased a pair of tickets to a wine tasting event at Aventura featuring wines from Esporão Wines. I thought I’d share my experience with you!

photo 1 (2)_520

The huz and I were the first to arrive to the event. Clearly we are eager beavers.

photo 2

While we waited, the folks from Esporão Wines gave us our first pours of wine, and provided several informational brochures about their Portuguese wines.

photo 5

We learned about several different grape varieties grown by Esporão in Portugal which are the grapes that comprise their wines, many of which are blends.

photo 4

The event was a nice balance of wine sipping, wine information, and time for socializing.

photo 3

Once we began tasting Wine #2 (of 5) for the evening, Aventura brought out a variety of Spanish tapas, pintxos, cheese, and charcuterie.

photo 3 (1)

These two pictures are only a small sampling of the many bites of food we enjoyed. Clearly I was too busy nomnom-ing to capture many shots.

Below: Pimientos Rojos (candied red peppers and goat cheese) from the Pintxos menu, and charcuterie.

photo 1

Next, the reds! My favorite wine we tasted was the first red. I should have taken better notes! I might have to contact them and find out which this was, because I would seek it out at the store.

photo 4 (2)

The folks from Esporão mentioned that their wines are sold at some Whole Foods, as well as the local Ann Arbor market, Babo. Or you can simply request their wines at your local wine shop. Several of their wines are priced quite affordably as well, which is a bonus.

photo 2 (3)_520

All in all I thought this was a really great event hosted by Aventura and Esporão Wines, and I especially appreciated the affordability of the tickets ($25 per person, included tastes of five wines, as well as a spread of Spanish tapas). My wine tastes were even topped off with an extra pour in the cases where I finished my glass before the rest of the table – generous! I hope Aventura offers more events like this in the future.

photo 5

(Pic from @esporaowines’ Instagram)

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6 thoughts on “Esporão Wine Tasting at Aventura

  1. Hi, So glad you enjoyed yourself, and thank you for the amazing right up! The first red wine we tried that evening was the Monte Velho Red. I hope to get back to Ann Arbor soon, myself and the wine love it there!

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