Meet My Herb Garden

This summer I am experimenting with some potted herbs, and I believe that I got my herb garden on lockdown last weekend, with the addition of a couple new ones.

Currently my herbs are taking up residence on the steps of my front porch. Here’s to hoping that both critters and people leave them be. Though I hear herbs are pretty critter-resistant? And by critters I mean chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels, all of which we have a plethora in our neighborhood. Those wretched chipmunks are the worst at digging in my flowers, so I’m hoping they’ll at least spare the herbs! For goodness’ sake, THE HERBS! ::raises fists in the air::

photo 2


First up, meet Mr. Basil, Jr. Unfortunately, Mr. Basil, Sr. is no longer with us.

Hopefully he can live up to his predecessor. I look forward to many batches of tomato bruschetta and caprese salad this summer.

I initially had my oregano planted in this pot, but decided to move the oregano to a smaller pot and house the basil in this larger pot, since I use basil more frequently. However, as cute as this pot is, it has no drainage holes, so I’ll need to be careful not to over-water.

photo 3


And next we have, thyme! Mmm, I am going to make so many rockin’ chicken dishes with you.

photo 5


Mr. Oregano may have been slightly overwatered in his previous drainage-less pot (thus the slightly yellowed leaves), so I am hoping this pot with drainage holes will make a better home for him!

Any ideas for dishes featuring fresh oregano? So far I’ve tried this Oregano Green Beans side dish recipe, and it was okay. The oregano just didn’t stand out enough for me, though!

photo 4


And, last but certainly not least, we have Rosemary! She is a tall and hardy one, methinks. I anticipate so many batches of Crispy Rosemary Oven Fries this summer!

photo 2 (1)

And there you have it – my herb garden! I plan to keep you posted on the ways in which I utilize these bad boys in my kitchen this summer.

If all goes well (crosses fingers), it would be awesome to bring these pots inside this winter and place them on a windowsill, too. Only time will tell!

photo 1

I’d love to hear any tips you might have, or learn of any recipe recommendations that utilize any of these herbs!

8 thoughts on “Meet My Herb Garden

  1. Fun! I’m working on a post w my new garden, too. Do u bring them jn side during winter? I had a potted rosemary “tree” for years that supplied fresh herbs year round. Had oregano and thyme jn the ground that always came back sky maybe they’ll work indoors.

    As for oregano – chimichurri!!

    • I am hoping to bring them in this winter (if they make it that long – fingers crossed!). Glad to hear of your past herb success. Chimichurri!! Of course – good call! 🙂 Looking forward to your gardening post.

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