Upnorth for the Fourth

As is expected of any true Michigander, I headed Upnorth for the Fourth this past week. I loved that the holiday was on a Friday this year! The huz and I also took vacation days from work on Thursday to make our weekend even longer.

En route from Ann Arbor to Northern Michigan, we stopped along the way for breakfast at Krzysiak’s House in Bay City. Before we left home, I did a little digging to find a brunch spot along our planned route, and Krzysiak’s made the MLive’s Best Breakfast Joint Worthy Contenders list, which was partly what led us here. I also vaguely remembered eating their delicious Polish noodles on the buffet with my family as a kid.

Well, no buffet was available on Thursday morning, but THIS was.

As a food blogger, I feel it is my duty to inform you that this exists.

THIS is the He-Man Breakfast.


And it [above] consists of:

    • three eggs
    • home fried potatoes
    • pork chop
    • 8oz New York Strip
    • bacon
    • Grandma’s ham
    • sausage patty
    • Polish sausage
    • homemade toast and jelly

Um, DANG! Obvi the carnivorous huz ordered this, and not I. And he made a very considerable dent.

I ordered the Polish Breakfast Scramble with home fried potatoes, Polish sausage, bacon, eggs, and toast and jam. Very tasty!


After breakfast, we continued north. Since check-in time at our inn was not until 4:00 PM, we had some time on our hands, and journeyed to the Mission Point Lighthouse at the tip of the Old Mission Peninsula first.

copied and resized for blog

So beautiful!

Next we headed to our inn. I have tons more to tell you about our stay at the incredible Inn at Black Star Farms in upcoming posts, but for now I’ll just tell you more about the rest of our first day.

After checking in and resting a bit, we headed down to hospitality hour for wine and hors d’oeuvres at the inn. I could get used to this! We snacked on tacos and sipped Black Star Farms’ wines on the Inn’s front porch for a bit, enjoying the scenery.


After hospitality hour, we headed to historic Fishtown in Leland, Michigan for the rest of the evening. Our visit included a stop at Carlson’s Fishery for a filet of smoked salmon, which we ate as an appetizer overlooking the marina, as well as dinner at The Cove, overlooking the waterfront and the docks in Fishtown.

For dinner, we had pints of Oberon, bowls of seafood chowder, and shared a Great Lakes Sampler of fried fish for dinner.

copied and resized for blog (3)

Also picked up some fudge, because fudge.


Fudge in tow, we headed over to the park for Leland’s July 3rd fireworks show. We had a great view!


And that was just the first day of our long weekend!

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