Ginger Deli

Alert: I have a new favorite lunch spot!: Ginger Deli.

I’ve eaten there, well, once… but I am totally hooked. Must return ASAP!

Located near the corner of Liberty and Division Streets in Ann Arbor, Ginger Deli offers a walk-up window where visitors can get their Vietnamese cuisine fix. Grab yourself a take-away lunch, or if you’re lucky (we were!), snag one of the few outdoor seats that are available (enough for around a dozen people).

photo 2 (1)

Ginger Deli also offers refreshing and nutritious fresh juice – I enjoyed this kale and carrot blend.

photo 3

Thai Iced Tea.

photo 2

Fresh Summer Rolls, with prosciutto, shrimp, and peanut dipping sauce. These were incredibly tasty! Aren’t they gorgeous?

photo 4

Best Banh Mi in Ann Arbor, y’all!

Ginger Deli posts their menu on their website, however, please note that not all menu items are always available. On the day we visited, the Beef Banh Mi was available, and the huz and I both ordered one.

First of all – the French baguette is perfect. Crispy outside. A little chew inside. Fresh. And the ideal bread-to-filling proportion.

The pickled vegetables are also spot on – crispy, uniformly sliced, little bit of saltiness, texture.

Contrasting the cool, crunchy veggies, you next find tender savory beef, and creamy Vietnamese mayo.

And even more layers of flavor: plenty of heat and spice from sliced jalapeños, and fresh, fragrant cilantro. Of course I added a healthy drizzle of Sriracha to my sandwich as well.

Ginger Deli nailed it.

photo 1

I’ve heard great things about their pho and shaved ice as well.

I wish Ginger Deli were a bit closer to my office. I would love to be able to grab a quick lunch from here in the middle of my work day. For now, I guess weekend lunches will have to suffice!

I highly recommend Ginger Deli. Be sure to check out their website for their hours before you visit, as they are somewhat limited right now (mostly lunch, and they are just starting to dabble in breakfast).

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