Blank Slate Creamery

I’ve now made two visits to Ann Arbor’s newest ice cream shop, Blank Slate Creamery.

photo 4 (6)

Apparently I was not the only one who got the memo stating that they opened! My first visit was back in August, about one month after they opened, but there was still a line out the door on a Friday night!

Located on the corner of 1st and Liberty Streets in downtown Ann Arbor, their proximity to Main Street makes for a perfect post-dinner stroll for dessert..

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Blank Slate is, in fact, full of plenty of slates – some blank and some full. The walls, countertops, and even the tables are covered in chalkboard, with buckets of chalk for doodling. Fun.


Patrons can sample any flavors they like before ordering.

I like to think of myself as a fairly adventurous eater, so I rarely sample flavors in ice cream and gelato shops, because I’m usually game for any flavor. I just order what sounds good and hope for the best. I like to be surprised, I guess!

Also, I sort of have a fear of being “that person” who has to sample seven flavors before deciding on one, who holds up the line forever. Maybe I’m a big ol’ stick in the mud.


Another shot of the interior. I do like the fun, casual vibe of the space. There is a quite a bit of seating available, and despite the crowds, I was able to find a table to sit at during both of my visits.

photo 4 (5)

Perhaps the coolest thing about Blank Slate is that they use local Guernsey Farms Dairy, sourced out of Northville, MI. Many creative flavors are available – something for everyone.


On the first visit, I ordered a combination of Wolverine Tracks and Salty Caramel in a waffle cone. This ice cream really tasted like no other ice cream I’ve had before. To me, I find their ice cream to be somewhat tangy, with a really heavy, buttery mouth feel, and a soft consistency. It’s tasty. It’s really, really rich.

photo 1 (6)

For my second visit, I again ordered two flavors, but this time in a cup:

    • Goat Cheese Balsamic Strawberry – exclusively featured for Blank Slate’s “New Flavor Fridays” this past Friday. This is my favorite flavor of the four I’ve tried there so far. I especially loved that this flavor was not overly sweet, which allowed the tangy goat cheese to shine. I really didn’t taste any balsamic aspect to the ice cream but the strawberry swirl with large berry chunks was tasty.
    • Bananas Foster – This flavor lacked the caramelization and rum flavor that I expect in bananas foster. It tasted more like banana ice cream to me, but it was still good.


Blank Slate Creamery is absolutely a fun place to visit and a great addition to Ann Arbor. I think they’ve filled a niche that previously did not have all that many options – late-night dedicated dessert joints downtown. (Yes, I’m considering an 11pm closing time on the weekends to be late-night! I am old). Other options (most of which closer earlier than BSC) include Washtenaw Dairy (bit of a further hike, long history and tradition), Iorio’s Gelateria (swoon), Cupcake Station, The Wafel Shop, and Kilwin’s. What else am I missing?

Perhaps not my personal first choice when it comes to frozen treats in Ann Arbor (y’all know where my heart lies!), Blank Slate Creamery is still definitely a solid choice, and I love Blank Slate Creamery’s emphasis on sourcing local, natural ingredients in a fun environment.

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