Top Dinner Entrée Recipes of 2014–Part I

I love writing these annual posts recapping my favorite dinner entrée recipe finds of the year! Here you will find my favorite entrée recipes that I tested at home and blogged about between January and June of 2014.

Favorite Recipes of the 2014 Pics

These are the best of the best, folks! Don’t forget to pin, and enjoy!

Favorite Recipe of January 2014

“This dish turned out wonderfully and I wouldn’t change anything in the original recipe. It is terrifically comforting, home-y, and delicious.”


January Honorable Mention


Favorite Recipe of February 2014:

This easy crock pot recipe is a winner!


February Honorable Mention


Favorite Recipe of March 2014:

This year I actually rediscovered this recipe that I’d originally blogged about a few years ago. The creamy mushroom sauce is heavenly, and the blend of herbs used to season the chicken adds lots of flavor. Saucy!


March Honorable Mention:

This dish is a breeze to prepare and also easy on the budget.



Favorite Recipe of April 2014:

So 2014 was definitely the year that I discovered how much I enjoy cooking with pork tenderloin! It’s inexpensive, lean, and so versatile.


April Honorable Mention:

Pancetta is similar to bacon, in that it is salt cured pork, except unlike bacon, pancetta is not smoked. It adds a really nice meaty, savory saltiness to the dish, without the smokiness of bacon. But you can totally substitute bacon here if preferred! I promise that you’ll receive zero judgment from this bacon lover.


Favorite Recipes of May 2014:

These juicy meatballs are wicked good and this dish is perfection when drizzled with sweet chili sauce.


May Honorable Mentions:

Apparently May was the month for meatballs! I was very unprepared for the high quantity of deliciousness this dish would offer. To make the meatballs themselves, you’ll only need FOUR ingredients. Well, five if you count water, but I don’t count water. Manageable, amirite!?


One especially nice feature of this dish is that it is primarily prepared on the stovetop, and only requires 3 minutes under the broiler. No lengthy baking time (which tends to be customary when it comes to Mac and Cheese) required here!


Favorite Recipe of June 2014:

This dish was absolutely wonderful. Balsamic vinegar balances out the sweetness of the cherries, while the cumin and cinnamon rub on the pork lend a complementary warmness to the dish that goes so well with the sweet cherries.


See you soon for Part II!

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