Top Dinner Entrée Recipes of 2014–Part II

Today I’m bringing you Part II of my favorite dinner entrée recipes of the year. In Part I, I shared my faves from January through June, and today I’ll share recipes from July through December.  I’ve shared the recipe source for each dish (you’ll see Cooking Light is clearly a favorite source!), but all pictures and opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!

part II (3)

Favorite Recipe of July 2014:

Nom nom! Grilled pineapple! I am absolutely crazy about this recipe. The jerk marinade is so very flavorful and produced deliciously juicy chicken breasts. Cannot wait to make this again!


July Honorable Mentions:

part II

Favorite Recipe of August 2014:

I still can’t get over how luscious the mozzarella and parmesan cream sauce is! Really, the amount of cheese used in this recipe is fairly modest (4.5 ounces), which keeps the calorie count in check, yet the final product is so rich and satisfying. Cooking Light never disappoints!


August Honorable Mentions:

Get yourself a big block of queso fresco and make both of these!

part II (2)

Favorite Recipe of September 2014:

This healthy soup packs a LOT of flavor! Peppercorn heat, ginger sweet, smoky cumin, savory fish sauce, and salty soy sauce. It JUST might be my favorite recipe find of 2014!


September Honorable Mention:

My favorite bites of this dish were the pieces of tender, juicy pork seasoned with smoked paprika.


Favorite Recipe of October 2014:


Favorite Recipe of November 2014:

I thought these quesadillas were fabulous. This recipe was true to the name – they were indeed CRISPY! While the exterior was deliciously golden brown and, yes, crisp, the interior delivered on the melty gooey goodness that is expected of a quesadilla, while also delivering some nutritious elements to your belly as well, in the form of veggies.


November Honorable Mention:

The peanut sauce that coated the stir fry is absolutely delicious. A sprinkling of cashews over the dish prior to serving adds another layer of texture and flavor. This is a solid stir-fry recipe for a busy weeknight!


Favorite Recipe of December 2014:

I was so impressed that I was able to quickly and easily assemble these hearty sandwiches that were packed with flavor on a weeknight at home and can see myself returning to this recipe again and again in the future.


December Honorable Mentions:

Scoop and enjoy! It’s a one-pan complete meal! The kale and mozzarella were terrific additions to this easy skillet meal which uses minimal ingredients. I’ll be making it again.


For best results, serve over cooked rice noodles, to soak up all of that delicious coconut-curry sauce. I’m a huge fan of brown rice noodles. You can also top with lime zest and cilantro, if desired.


Thank you so much for reading this year!

Best Wishes for a Fantastic 2015!

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