Lucky’s Market to Open in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor has a new grocery store in town! The Grand Opening Day Celebration of Lucky’s Market is this upcoming Wednesday, February 15, 2015 at 10:00 AM; however, I got a sneak peek of the store tonight at their Friends and Family Night.

I’ve been excited about the opening of Lucky’s Market for months now – ever since I read that they were coming to Ann Arbor last summer on MLive. That’s why I was thrilled to receive an invitation to take a peek inside before they were open to the public (and Five Cent Femme joined me!)

Love my new bag that I got hooked up with!


Their location at 1919 S. Industrial Hwy in Ann Arbor previously housed a less-than-stellar Kroger. While I was an undergrad at U-M, the then-fiancé (now huz) and I used to take verrry long walks from our apartment on campus to this Kroger several times per week to get in shape before our wedding. Though we often ended up buying a box of discounted bagels when we got there, so I’m not sure if we ended up having a net calorie loss after all that walking or not.

Well, the store is barely recognizable as a Kroger anymore, and looks brand spankin’ shiny and new as Lucky’s Market. The space has a fun, friendly, warm vibe that elevates the shopping experience and makes one want to linger and hang out for a while.


Lucky’s Market has a much larger produce department than the previous Kroger that was there, filled to the brim with vibrant, fresh fruits and vegetables, many of which are very competitively priced and certified-organic. (Seriously, some fantastic deals.)

IMG_8649 (1)

Great looking meat counter with knowledgeable butchers behind the counter to help you out.


Lucky’s Market also takes much pride in their large selection of foods prepared in-house – from fresh fruits and smoothies, smoked and cured deli meats, prepared salads and other foods, and way more. (I just remember that I-Spied some guacamole tubs from afar and never went to investigate it. Next time!)


Check out this selection of prepared foods – again, these are all made directly onsite, fresh daily. What a great way to put together an easy, healthy meal for your family on a busy night. I was happy to see that the prices all seemed quite reasonable as well.


We got a chance to sample several of the foods from the in-house prepared foods selection and they were all top-notch. That chipotle quinoa salad was A+!


We also got to sample Lucky’s hand-tossed pizza. It was very good.


Near the prepared foods, salad bar, and pizza section of the store, is a bar area that will eventually (liquor license pending) have beer on tap that shoppers can enjoy while gathering their groceries – or just come in and hang out for drinks and a meal. Or fill a growler with beer on tap to take home with you!

Lucky’s also features a large selection of craft beers (lots of local choices and beer by the bottle) and wines in the store.

I’m most excited by Lucky’s produce section, but it seems there are great deals to be found throughout the store, plus all sorts of locally-sourced Michigan goodies highlighted in each aisle.

Lucky’s Market strives to offer quality fresh food at prices that are more approachable than some of their grocery store competitors like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I cannot wait to explore more! I already picked up a few goodies tonight and will be back for more.

Many thanks to Lucky’s Market for inviting me to their Friends & Family Night sneak peek this evening!


Lucky’s Market


1919 South Industrial Highway (at Stadium Boulevard) in Ann Arbor, MI.

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