Breakfasts at Saline Downtown Diner

BBQ and Brunch! Saline Downtown Diner does both.

Last summer I shared with you my BBQ experience at Saline Downtown Diner, aka Smoke BBQ. Offering a variety of tasty meats smoked on-site and homemade sides, SDD also offers BBQ during select hours and days of the week. Check out their website or give them a call for details.

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For the past few months, we have had several weekend errands to run in Saline, which prompted us to check out Saline Downtown Diner’s breakfast menu on Saturday mornings. Once, then twice, and then it became our new Saline tradition.

On our first breakfast visit, we both ordered the Hungry Man Breakfast. No, I am not a hungry man, but I am a pregnant woman. Gimme all the breakfast foods.

Three eggs, cooked to order, choice of four pieces of your breakfast protein of choice (bacon or sausage), and hash browns. Standard brunch foods, but done well. I’ve ordered this more than once. It’s just the ticket when craving a hearty brunch.


One of my favorite features of SDD is the option of toast OR pancakes as an accompaniment to many of the breakfast entrees. I always have the hardest time deciding between a sweet and savory breakfast (often savory wins), so offering pancakes as a side gives me a little of the best of both worlds – sweet pancakes and a savory entrée.

AND, you can even pay a little extra and get BLUEBERRY pancakes! (Of course I did, and always do. Blueberry pancakes are the best kind of pancakes, hands down.)


One of the dishes that SDD does extremely well are their hash browns. The amount of crispy golden crust they get on these bad boys is pretty remarkable. Underneath you’ll still find a softer layer as well. As someone who loves crispy hash browns, SDD cooks up my favorite ones around.

And bonus – the hash browns are ENDLESS! Feel free to order more if you’d like, included with your meal. (I have yet to take advantage of this because their entrée portions are already so large!)

Below, SDD mashes up their BBQ and their breakfast menus to offer a Smoked Brisket Omelette featuring their house-smoked brisket. How inventive!


The meaty entrees featured above and below were both selected by the huz. He was a big fan of SDD’s steak and eggs, pictured below.


Last time I ordered the “Best Biscuits & Gravy Ever!” I don’t know that I necessarily agree with that BOLD “best ever” title, but I will say they were fantastic, and I’d absolutely recommend them (and order them again). Love that peppery gravy.


Unfortunately I can’t give you any any reviews on the coffee because all of our breakfast visits have occurred while I’ve been pregnant and not drinking coffee! I do considering the quality of a diner’s coffee to be quite important when it comes to reviewing them, so I look forward to checking out the java the future, after our little guy is born. (Did I tell you guys It’s A Boy yet!? We’re geeked!)

So there you have it. Saline Downtown Diner offers solid, traditional breakfast fare in a homey setting. We are actually moving just a few miles from SDD in a few months, so I can imagine this will become a regular breakfast spot for us (even more so than it already is!)

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