Chopsticks–Ann Arbor

I often feel guilty after eating (American-) Chinese food (mostly because I choose the really unhealthy options and eat SO much of it!), but dang, it’s so good! A new Chinese place, Chopsticks, just opened up close to home, in the Cranbrook Plaza of Ann Arbor, that we tried out shortly after their grand opening and again about three weeks later (this past Friday night!)

Both times we called ahead and ordered take-out that was ready quickly.


Their menu is posted online, is big, and offers all the typical things you’d expect to see at a Chinese take-out place. (Pad Thai is perhaps the most unexpected item on the menu.)

Dine-in eating is also offered, with about 8 booths and 4 tables available for seating in the newly renovated space. Monday-Saturday a very affordable lunch buffet is also offered that I have yet to try.


I pretty much can’t order Chinese food without getting Hot and Sour Soup because I love it. Chopsticks’ comes with crunchy wonton pieces. Their soup is quite good – I’d like even more heat though. I ordered it on both visits.

Chopsticks’ General Tso’s Chicken is exactly what I am looking for when I am craving the stuff – thick breading, tender meat, served hot and fresh with lots of tangy sauce. It’s great. We ordered it in a combo that comes with fried (or white) rice and an egg roll.


We also tried the Mongolia Beef on our first visit – fairly tender beef (just a few tough pieces) with soft onions and scallions in a savory sauce.


Huz and I like to order a couple things and split ‘em 50-50. We tried the crab cheese as well – solid!

Overall though, our first take-out experience was great!


On our second visit, I was in a chicken mood so we again ordered their fantastic General Tso’s Chicken, along with an order of Sweet and Sour Chicken, which was also great! The chicken they use is tender but with no weird fatty grisly bites that you sometimes get at some Chinese restaurants.


The egg rolls are pretty good but not the best ever – I prefer the filling to be more finely julienned and to have more seasoning.


All in all, we really like this addition to Ann Arbor and will definitely be ordering more take-out from them in the future.

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5 thoughts on “Chopsticks–Ann Arbor

  1. Went there with the wife a few weeks ago. I cant remember what we ordered but one was really good, the other really bad.

    We really like Joyful House in Saline. From where we live Chopsticks is geographically closer, but with all the stoplights (which are impossible to catch when green) it takes us longer .

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