Costa Rica: Day 6-Power Outage

Our final day at Banana Azul was a rainy one. On the day’s planned itinerary: relaxation. So it didn’t work out so shabby after all. We were very lucky and all the days leading up to this one were absolutely gorgeous – warm and sunny tropical perfection.

We were up bright and early for macadamia nut pancakes with pineapple compote and maple syrup at the hotel (Banana Azul – read more here). Dee-licious!


After breakfast, we spent some time getting our belongings in order for our planned departure the next day, so that we could spend the rest of the day relaxing. But first I fueled up with a huge mug of Banana Azul’s insanely strong coffee. Yowza!


Soon after this, the power went out! Fortunately the resort is well-prepared for these not-terribly-uncommon “brown outs” that the area experiences from time to time, with flashlights and candles available for guests, and a generator fueling the kitchen so that meals can still be served.

Before we knew it, it was lunch time. I regretted waiting to try to chips and guac until the final day of our stay at Banana Azul – they were bomb!


And, my favorite lunch that I ordered a few time during our stay – Banana Azul’s Tropical Salad with fresh pineapple (the sweetest and juiciest ever), avocado, bacon, red onion, homemade vinaigrette and romaine lettuce. I could eat this daily.


After lunch we went for a long walk down the beach and dipped our toes in the Caribbean.


And walked around the resort with our selfie stick.


Happily the beach bar was also still open, despite the power outage, so we sipped on some piña coladas later in the afternoon.


Mid-afternoon, a storm rolled through and the rain REALLY started coming down. We took sanctuary on our balcony. And I played with my selfie stick. (Shout out to Five Star SexiMexy for buying this for me in South Korea [before they were a thing here in the US], bringing it home to Chicago with her, shipping it to me in Michigan, which allowed me to bring it down to Costa Rica with us for our trip! This selfie stick is well-traveled.)


Lemme take a selfie.


We did lots and lots of reading this afternoon which was lovely. The power was still out. I finally finished A Dance with Dragons (all 1152 pages) this afternoon. After that, I didn’t have any other books with me and I started wishing for the power to come back on.


So I started taking dozens of photos and videos of the rain from our balcony, since my camera still had fully powered batteries.


Tropical rainnnn.




Loud thunderclaps too.


With the power still out, we headed down to the restaurant for an early dinner. Margaritas by candlelight – why not!


And then – like magic – after placing our dinner order, the power finally came back on! Hooray! Cheers and applause!

For my final dinner at Banana Azul, I ordered a red curry veggie dish, served with mashed potatoes. I think they ran out of rice! But no complaints. Dinner also included  homemade soup and a fresh salad bar.


Though the power was out during the final day of our stay in Puerto Viejo, it really did not impact our day of relaxation very much. We still had a very rejuvenating day and enjoyed the beach, flora, food, and drinks. All in all I loved every minute of our stay at Banana Azul and would recommend staying there in a heartbeat (Howler Suite and Red Frog Suite were both great.)

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