First Meal in our New House

Well hello dear blog readers! You didn’t think I forgot about you, I hope. Because I did not. But life has been keeping me busy this summer and all I have are excuses for slacking on the blog.

For one, we moved! Kind of anticlimactic that this was the past photo I took at our old house. Yes, things got a little crazy over the past couple of weeks between being 32 weeks pregnant, attending our wonderful baby shower (need to blog about that soon!), packing a whole house, moving, cleaning the whole old house, unpacking, working full-time, and all the other craziness that comes with changing residences. (With help from the huz and some others of course.) Phew. I seriously forgot how difficult moving is. And moving from a house to a house? SO much harder than moving from an apartment to a house. Lesson learned.

So glad that we are settled in the new place. Though we have tons of unpacking left to do, I can say that my kitchen and master bed and bath are both unpacked, so the house is at least livable.


Speaking of kitchens, I must share with you my BRAND SPANKING NEW KITCHEN.

If I knew where my camera and camera cords were packed and had a laptop and computer mouse that weren’t acting so jankily (basically, if I had my life together) I might take more nice photos instead of these ones from my iPhone and give you a kitchen tour but that will have to wait until the dust has settled around here. In the meantime, may I present the new MegGoesNomNom Kitchen Headquarters!


Our new home is new construction and we had the amazing opportunity to design our dream kitchen, more or less. (Coming soon: one more pendant light over the island – the twin of the functioning one was defective and we’re waiting on the new one to arrive.) I’m so in love with everything about this room!


It’s honestly a bit overwhelming to cook here after coming from an itty bitty outdated kitchen. Everything is brand spanking new and I’m afraid of damaging everything!

For our first home-cooked meal in the new house (which didn’t happen until a few days after we’d moved in and the kitchen was finally mostly unpacked!), I went with something simple and summery.

Brats and Jerky Pate from Biercamp.


Caprese Salad. (The huz is obsessed with caprese salad. I love it too.)


And good ol’ corn on the cob.


First home-cooked meal in the new house. I can promise you there will be so many more to come and I’m so excited to get cookin’ in our new kitchen!


Next project: tackling the nursery (finally!)

5 thoughts on “First Meal in our New House

  1. How exciting! It’s a beautiful kitchen, Meg! I love a white kitchen, mine is very similar, but old. (I love old things! lol) But I tell you what I love about your kitchen that I do not love about many new kitchens — your layout! Your layout keeps you right there on the end of the island, where the real work is, and yet you have lots of counter and cabinet space extending elsewhere for entertaining, or projects, or storage! Well done! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! White keeps it so nice and bright – good taste! 😉 I hardly know what to do with all the space coming from our old house, but preparing meals while hovering around the end of the island just as you’ve suggested has worked out swimmingly so far. 🙂

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