Baby Shower for BabyGoesNomNom

A couple weeks ago was my wonderful baby shower!


The event was hosted by my mom and held a Weber’s in Ann Arbor.


We made the event co-ed and the huz joined as well. I was so glad he could be there for the event! It takes two to have a baby, so why are showers so often females-only events? I loved being able to share the day with all of our male and female friends and family. My side of the fam:

best pics - Copied (4)

Some of our friends!:

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Below: Family from my side (top) and his side (bottom):

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So many of our guests wore blue! Smile

best pics - Copied (3)_3

For lunch, Weber’s catered a croissant sandwich buffet with chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, crudités, fresh fruit, salad, pasta salad, chips, and cookies and brownies for dessert. (And cake!) Everything was delicious and I had three plates of food!

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Our friends and family showered BabyGoesNomNom with so many generous and thoughtful gifts.


We’re so thankful for all the nice things that we received to help prepare for our little guy!

best pics - Copied

Including our little Wolverine’s first Michigan gear.


It really meant a lot to us to have so many of our friends and family join us to celebrate our baby to be – a very special day indeed! And now that we are finally moved into our new home, we can finally start preparing the nursery. I can’t wait for him to get here!


5 thoughts on “Baby Shower for BabyGoesNomNom

  1. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing the photos and the memories. So sorry I couldn’t be there. But I will be able to do things for BabyGoesNomNom very soon! 🙂

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