Curry on Crust-Canton, MI

Earlier this spring, on the first full day that our old home hit the market, we had about 16 showings lined up. No kidding – the Ann Arbor housing market is a feeding frenzy when new homes come on the market. With a day full of scheduled showings, that meant we had to find other ways to occupy ourselves away from home.


We decided to venture a little further than Ann Arbor given all the time we had to kill. For our Saturday lunch, we ventured to a place I’ve been wanting to to try for quite a while in Canton called Curry on Crust. I tend to associate Canton with IKEA (a store I personally cannot stand), strip malls, and big box stores, and very rarely venture there. BUT, I will say, Curry on Crust is a diamond in the rough of Canton.

We were REALLY hungry for lunch on this particular day, and order some garlic bread to start which was pretty lackluster. #notworththecarbs


We also decided to try the Chili Chicken Wings  which also didn’t do a whole lot for me. The huz is the one who loves wings, not me, so I’m not the best one to judge chicken wings but I will tell you that I enjoy crispy skin on my chicken wings and the exterior of these wings was just too soft and chewy for me. The meat within was pretty tasty, and the seasoning I liked, but overall these weren’t my favorite.


What WAS my favorite was the pizza! Seriously just don’t even bother with any of the sides and just load up on pizza. Curry on Crust offers up a unique selection of Indian-inspired topping choices from which diners may create their own pizza, OR select from one of their specialty pizzas.

For those wanting to build their own pizza, there is no shortage of options available. For the sauce alone, you have eight options, including tomato, tikka, makhni, chilli, garlic & herb, spinach, pavbhaji, and roasted eggplant. From there, pick your favorite toppings from their unique selection – anything from mushrooms, eggplant, and butter chicken, to mango, red peppers, and paneer tikka!

The huz and I decided to split a “Paneer Tikka Pizza” (his half had Chicken Tikka), made with tikka sauce (creamy spiced tomato sauce), green peppers, cheese, onion, garlic, and paneer (firm Indian cheese). It was absolutely fantastic! The flavorful tikka sauce warmed my mouth with Indian spices and a decent amount of heat, while the veggies atop the pizza added an appealing freshness. I also enjoyed the textural contrast of the lightly browned, melty, bubbly mozzarella cheese against the firm bites of spicy paneer on the pizza.


Curry on Crust has quite the novel concept and I must say it is really working for them in the pizza department! Pizza and Indian food are two of my most commonly craved cuisine types, so mashing them together into one is quite a win in my book. I absolutely recommend checking out the pizza at Curry on Crust (and maybe skipping the sides). I’ve know had a hankering for more pizza since our first visit.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we ended up accepting an offer on our previous home the very next day (one of three that we received). I’m so glad the whole house buying/selling and moving process is finally complete and that we are finally settled into our new home.

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