Day in the Life with an 8 Day Old

Hey there! We are settling into a new routine with our beloved little one. I love reading others’ Day in the Life posts so thought I would share one of my own.

I’m gonna go ahead and say this is still relevant to this blog because it seems our the last few days revolve around food – both breastfeeding a newborn and finding time to feed ourselves!

12:30 AM – We change J’s wet diaper and then I feed him. He fusses quite a bit and doesn’t want to go back to sleep in his swaddle, so I try to soothe him back to sleep as best I can.

1:45 PM – Finally J dozes off to sleep. Mama catches about an hour of sleep.

3:02 AM – J wakes up hungry so I feed him and we change his wet diaper. He doesn’t mind being swaddled back up in his SwaddleMe this time, and goes back to sleep in this Pack ‘n’ Play napper with little resistance by about 4:15 AM. Mama chugs water (the huz bottle feds me water while I feed J and have no hands, haha) and catches a little sleep.

6:10 AM – We change J’s poopy diaper and then I feed him and get him back to sleep around 7:00 AM.

7:10 AM – I hear the huz wake up for his first day back to work since paternity leave. He is just working a half day. I am a little nervous to be on my own for the first time but feel pretty good about it. I doze back to sleep for a few more minutes.

7:38 AM – Mama’s up for the day! I use the bathroom, refill my water bottle, and eat a banana.

8:10 AM – J wakes up for the morning as the huz heads off to work. Before he leaves he helps out with diaper duty. I feed J breakfast while watching the news on TV after opening the blinds and brightening up the room in an attempt to teach J the difference between day and night.

8:35 AM – Time for a fresh outfit for for J!


9:00 AM – Tummy time! J and I hang out and play for a while.

9:20 AM – I swaddle J back up for a rest, then go neaten up the house and throw some towels in the wash. I realize how hungry I am and eat a Cashew Cookie Lara Bar.

9:50 AM – Check email, begin this blog post. Surf the web.

10:35 AM – Request some books regarding breastfeeding from the library online.

11:10 AM – Wake up J to feed him lunch while watching the Cooking Channel. Change poopy diaper.

12:05 PM – Plop J (who is still very awake) in his swing for a bit and prepare lunch – fruit, cottage cheese, and turkey sandwich. He is a fan of the swing! This swing was a steal – we found it for $15 used at a Mom2Mom sale.


12:15 PM – The huz is home! We eat lunch and watch The Office.


12:45 PM – I finally shower while dad is on J duty. Showering feels amazing!

2:06 PM – Lunch time for the babe followed by back-to-back dirty diapers.

2:35 PM – Play time with papa.

3:00 PM – Nap time for the babe. (Easier said than done!)

5:15 PM – Dinner. We order sushi take-out because I haven’t been able to eat it for the last nine months while I was pregnant. Tastes so good!


6:45PM – The huz checks the mail and finds our photos from baby’s first photo shoot at the hospital have arrived! We look at the photos (which make me cry every time I look at them of course [#hormones]) and share with friends and fam.

7:30 PM – Lack of sleepy is catching up with me so I take a brief nap.

8:10 PM through midnight – Baby is hungry and I nurse him twice more with brief bouts of sleep in between. Phew! I get some better sleep the second half of the night! Then start all over again!

2 thoughts on “Day in the Life with an 8 Day Old

  1. Jack is one lucky boy to have you two for parents ! Doing a great job, Mom ! He is adorable and glad he likes the swing…just like you did as a baby !

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