Baby Registry–My Favorite Items For My Three Week Old

Now that our little guy is three (!) weeks old, there are a few products that have really been making our lives a lot easier around here. I spent dozens of hours researching which baby products to register for and purchase prior to J’s birth, and here are the ones we’ve been loving during his first three weeks:

Pack ‘n’ Play with Napper

J spends a ton of his time sleeping in this napper each night (and day). This is where he sleeps in our bedroom at night, and during the day we remove the portable napper insert and move it downstairs for daytime dozes and hangouts. It has been working out very well for us.


SwaddleMe Blankets

These truly are lifesavers. They are SO much easier to swaddle with than blankets. J has a love/hate relationship with these velcro swaddlers – he hates being put in the swaddle and his favorite hobby is trying to houdini himself out of them, but once he settles down, he LOVES sleeping in them. The swaddle blankets keep him warm, cozy, and snug at night and prevent him from startling himself awake by thrashing his little arms around.

Bonus: he looks like the cutest little burrito when he’s all snuggled up in one.

FullSizeRender (3)_450

Aden and Anais Swaddleplus Blankets 

We don’t actually use these for swaddling, but I find them to be very useful for so many applications – draping over stroller to keep sun out of J’s eyes during our morning walks, keeping him warm during nursing sessions, makeshift burp cloth, compact on-the-go blanket that can be packed in diaper bag, etc.

aden®-by-aden- -anais®--pTRU1-11585282dt

Moby Wrap

This sling wrap does take some practice, but this Moby Wrap has given me my life back by allowing me to have my hands free while J dozes on my chest for a couple or few hours each day.


Soothies Pacifiers

He’s not huge into his paci, but there have been a few occasions where these pacis have been lifesavers.

Disposable Changing Pad Covers

These are so practical for placing over your changing pad to prevent the need to wash the fabric cover as frequently. We find the disposable covers last about 5-7 days (unless a huge blow-out happens!)


Short-Sleeve Side-Snap T-Shirts

So easy to put on baby and practical for lounging around the house.


Hooded Towels

So soft, and keeps J warm after bath time. The hood really is useful for drying his velvety soft head of sweet baby hair.


My Brest Friend

This has been an indispensible product for me as a breastfeeding, first-time mom. I like the amount of support this firm pillow provides.


Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

I never realized how much STUFF I’d need to tote along when traveling with the babe, but this bag has been fantastic so far – just the right size, and lots of pockets to keep things organized.


To all the moms (and dads) out there: what items did you find most useful during the first few week’s of your baby’s life?

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