Favorite Recipes of 2015

Below are a few of my favorite recipes of 2015. Some are new-to-me, and a few are old favorites that I found myself making a lot this year. For the past few months (since Jack was born), honestly a lot of our meals are things like PB&J and a can of soup, or fish sticks and tater tots, because that’s about as involved as I’ve been able to handle while juggling a baby as well. (Though I do try to include a veg at every dinner.) But once in a while I pull out something a little more complex. Here’s a few of our faves over the past few months.

Though I haven’t made this since Jack was born 3.5 months ago since it takes a few extra steps than I’ve had time to deal with lately, I did make this recipe a TON for the first 3/4 of 2015. The broth is hella flavorful and this soup is just all around satisfying. I really need to make this again soon!


Beef Burgundy is possibly my favorite slow cooker meal. I’ve been making this recipe regularly for over five years now and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Definitely one of my favorites. I actually replace the burgundy wine with beef stock, so calling it beef burgundy isn’t really accurate, but I do so anyways.

Having a baby at home means dinner time is always unpredictable and for that reason, slow cooker meals have become my favorite way to de-stress the dinner hour. (So excited to start using the new Crock Pot that I received for Christmas!) Knowing dinner is there and ready when we have a chance to gobble it down makes things a lot easier!


I’m a big fan of this recipe lately because it is SO unbelievably simple! It’s also rather inexpensive to make which is a perk. Don’t skip the refreshing cucumber salad with the dish, and spoon plenty of the flavorful jus over the pork before serving!


This soup is simply fabulous! I looked forward to the leftovers for three days straight! Pretty easy too, and you know I am always looking for quick and easy recipes with a little one at home.

Cheese Tortellini and Kale Soup Recipe photo by Taste of Home


Just a solid Cooking Light recipe. Cooking Light rarely/never lets me down. I had nearly forgotten about this recipe until one of my Instagram friends reminded me of it! I just added it to this week’s menu.


This is another really easy, healthy Cooking Light recipe. The huz has requested this one a few times this year. I love the smoky flavor that the paprika lends to the pork.


This recipe is another of my go-to favorites over the past few years because again, it is so dang easy! And again, this is a recipe I find myself reaching more more frequently lately because of it’s simplicity. It’s just a pound of pork loin with ketchup, apple cider vinegar, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and black pepper in a crock pot – tasty, waistline-friendly pulled pork. Love it.


This is a new-to-me recipe from Taste of Home that I tried this year and loved! I’ve made these fajitas several times and what I love most about them are the zippy blend of spices used the season the chicken. Don’t forget the guac and sour cream!


Another of my favorite culinary discoveries of 2015 was the Hello Fresh meal ingredient delivery service. This meal was included in one of my shipments this year and I made the recipe on my own a few times as well because it’s really tasty and again, easy!


So there you have it. As much as I love cooking, EASE has been the theme of cooking in 2015, and I have a feeling that it will also be the case in 2016, and for a while yet to come, with a little one in the house. Especially since I will be returning to work on a part-time basis starting in January. I have barely had time to cook dinner while on maternity leave the past four months, with a baby at home. I honestly have no idea how I’m going to swing it when I have to work too. I’m currently accepting suggestions for easy slow cooker meals!

Thank you for your support of MegGoesNomNom in 2015! Happy New Year! ❤

And just because… a baby picture. J looking dapper in his bow tie for Christmas.


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