Summer Funnin’

It’s been a good while since I’ve posted any life updates on here so I thought I’d pop in to share some fun summer moments we’ve been having!

Father’s Day – I bought the huz and baby J matching shirts: Player 1 and Player 2 (huz is a big gamer!) We also went out for brunch, gelato, and had a nice walk on the U-M campus, carefully avoiding rolling J’s stroller over the block M in the Diag.


I’m so glad we made it to the Arb to see the peonies in full bloom. This has become an annual tradition for us and I had been excited to bring J for the first time for ages!


The huz and I had our first night together away from Jack to attend our friends’ wedding in Indiana. While we missed our lil guy (who stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for the night!), it was so nice to escape and reconnect as a couple for the event. We’re so glad we were able to attend.


We even made a pit stop in KZoo on the way to pay a visit to Bell’s Brewery where we had one of the BEST BURGERS I’ve ever had in my life!


In May we paid a visit to White Lotus Farms for Kids’ Day! We loaded up on iced coffees, cronuts, goat cheese, and bread, and took J to see the sights including the lovely gardens, koi pond, and baby goats!


We also took our very first vacation as a family of three! We rented a private home in Oscoda, directly on Lake Huron. It was perfect!


I’ve never seen J as excited as he was during the few days we visited the beach house – he was literally having the time of his life exploring the beach house!


We went on a couple short outings, including a visit to the scenic overlook at Iargo Springs and Lumberman’s Monument. J wasn’t too impressed with the latter as you can see in the upper right photo in the below collage!

IMG_3497 (1)

Mostly we hung out at the house and enjoyed the amazing private yard and gorgeous sandy beach that we had all to ourselves!


J was NOT a fan of the sand and was very confused by it. He was staring at his hands in confusion when they were covered in sand and tried licking it off. He was very happy when we rinsed his hands off in a bucket of lake water and discovered he loved splashing in a bucket of water while sitting safely on the clean, sand-free beach towel.


Of course, the highlight of our vacations is always the food. We had lots of good eats on our trip, including s’mores and hot dogs roasted over the bonfire, pizza and sandwiches from G’s Pizzeria, steaks and chicken on the grill, beer and local cream pie slices, and sparkling Michigan wine with lake views!

IMG_3722 (1)

The deck at the house was simply fantastic.


While J napped, we put our feet up, relaxed, and enjoyed the view.


Family photo!


Lake view from the deck.


Last weekend J’s grandpa (my FIL) visited from Cali and we visited the Domino’s Farms Petting Farm for the first time. J was a bit unsure of it all and wasn’t a huge fan of the chickens. He did enjoy sitting on a big tractor!


Earlier this week I decided to take a vacation day from work for myself while J was in daycare – the first time I’ve done so since his birth! I must admit I had a pretty fantastic day. I took myself on a really excellent date, doing all of my favorite things! I’m a pretty good time.

I went on a long and glorious solo walk/run through the Arb (which is pretty much my favorite place on the planet.)

Nothing rejuvenates me more.


This is my happy place. One of the best views in Ann Arbor right here.


After an amazing morning at the Arb, I stopped for iced coffee (!!) and scones at Mighty Good Coffee, went shoe shopping (three new pairs!!), and then went for another lovely walk downtown Ann Arbor, including stops for Indian food (which I have been craving for ages and which Saline is sorely lacking!) and Iorio’s gelato!


Iorio’s even had my two favorite flavors – Earl Grey and Green Tea!


I have been trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible this summer. Last weekend we went on a nice walking loop at Gallup Park with J.


And last night we visited the Pittsfield Twp Farmer’s Market (picked up some zukes, blueberries, and local bread) and J had his first ride on a swing!


Hope you’re having a fantastic summer!

4 thoughts on “Summer Funnin’

  1. What a fun looking summer so far! We haven’t been to the Farmer’s Market yet, but we do enjoy those swings 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a lovely post! So great to catch up on all the great adventures you’re having. I’m so glad you took a vacation day for you and that you were able to make such great use of it. Your posts are just full of love, excitement, and joy! ❤

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