A Day in the Life–10 Months

I personally love reading other bloggers’ “Day in the Life” posts to get a glimpse into their lives. I find it especially interesting to read these recaps when bloggers have little ones at home, to get a peek at what life might be like when our 10 month old is older, or to reminisce about life with a teeny newborn (more so be glad that we are past that stage!)

J is still breastfed about 6 times per day and is transitioning from 3 to 2 naps per day. He gets solids about 4 times per day. Phew. To all that.

I thought I would pop in for a “Day in the Life” post today. This is a recap of a Wednesday, which is my day off work. I currently work part-time, four days per week, and Wednesday is the day I have off work and when J stays home from daycare for mama and baby bonding time!

5:30 AM: I hear J making random noises and talking to himself in his crib down the hall and drift in and out of consciousness for the next twenty minutes until he starts to fuss.

5:50 AM: The huz gets J and brings to me to feed in bed, and then takes him to play for a while since it is mama’s day to “sleep in.” I sort of drift in and out of consciousness and maybe get another 20 minutes of sleep.

6:50 AM: The guys are back and dada needs to get ready for work, so I take over watching J.

7:20 AM: Breakfast time for J! He has whole milk yogurt and avocado. While J is in his high chair I clean up the kitchen and make coffee. Then we go play for a while.

7:50 AM: J goes down for his morning nap. I change out of my PJs, drink some coffee, eat breakfast (avocado toast), tidy up, make some doctor’s appointments, send some emails, and do some meal planning until J wakes up.

9:10 AM: I go to J’s nursery and get him from his crib, feed him, and get him in a fresh diaper. He snacks on half of a banana before we leave. I load J and the stroller up in the car for our outing.IMG_3930

9:45 AM: We arrive at Gallup Park for a walk and a little Pokémon Go. It is such a warm, gorgeous sunny day by the river! I live for these days.


We stay for about 40 minutes and then stop at Whole Foods for a few items on the way home, including hummus, tortillas, diced tomatoes, lentils, a carrot, spinach, and asparagus.


11:00 AM: We arrive home and I let J crawl around on the floor for a couple minutes while I put the groceries away. He melts down when I take my flip-flops away because he starts chewing on them.


11:10 AM: Lunch time! J has oatmeal mixed with pumpkin, apricot, cinnamon, and cooked soft raisins. He loves oatmeal and pumpkin oats are his current favorite. I usually make three days’ worth at a time. He eats most of his oatmeal and also has a few bites of some mango purée.


He really has started to resist being spoonfed and wants to feed himself so I spoon feed him some bites of oatmeal and pick out the cooked raisins for him to feed himself. IMG_3946

While he is eating his raisins I have my lunch which is a piece of leftover pizza and cheesy bread from Domino’s and half a mug of cold coffee from this morning. #MomLife.

I intend to eat some fruit but never get a chance to.


11:40 AM: We go play with toys in the playroom after I clean up lunch. We play for about an hour and a half and during part of that time I call my mom and chat while supervising J playing (he keeps himself entertained with the TV remotes for a good 45 minutes.)


1:45 PM – I get J down for his afternoon nap with little difficulty – he zonked right out and was clearly ready for his nap!

1:50 PM – I finally take a quick shower and wash my hair and then head down to the kitchen. I have a small cooking marathon planned and get to work on a beef and lentil ragu for J, cook some whole wheat spaghetti noodles, and make a batch of cinnamon oatmeal with berries for the next three days.


2:40 PM – J wakes up earlier than expected, right when I am in the middle of packaging up all the food that I prepared (gah!), so I quickly throw everything in the fridge and leave the mess to clean up later.

3:00 PM – Snack time! J snacks on some small pieces of cooked carrot (gobbles up every last piece), whole wheat tortilla strips with hummus and onion & chive cream cheese, and a few spoonfuls of papaya purée. I eat the rest of the tortilla dipped in the hummus as a snack.


This is the first time that J has ever tried hummus and he seems to like it! I only give him a little bit because sesame seeds (in tahini) are a possible allergen and I want to watch for any possible reaction.


3:30 PM – Time for J’s bath. I sit him in a laundry basket with holes in a few inches of water in the bathtub. He’s pretty good about baths but hates when water drips in his face. I get him re-diapered and dressed which is quite the wrestling event.


3:50 PM – Back downstairs to the playroom. J amuses himself by chewing on milk caps and crawling all over me. He is really vocal and keep saying babababa and dadadada and guh.

4:15 PM – Dada is home! He stops by the playroom to say hi and then heads up to the office to finish his workday. These dudes are wearing pretty similar polos.


J and I listen to some 70s disco music and he dances and sings “ah ah ah” to Stayin’ Alive with me.


5:05 PM – Dada is done working for now and takes over J duty while I make dinner: jerk chicken with peaches, red onion, and curried basmati rice pilaf with sugar snap peas.


5:40 PM – We eat dinner as a family. J has the beef ragu I made earlier in the day (and loves it!), whole wheat spaghetti noodles, and a bite of our curried rice pilaf which he promptly spits out in disgust. Lol.


6:00 PM – I clean up as the two hooligans play at the dinner table.

6:10 PM –The three of us go for our evening walk around the neighborhood. I’m bummed that the Pokémon servers are down.


6:40 PM – Dada takes J upstairs. reads him his story, and gets him ready for bed, then I feed him and lay him down in his crib by 7:00 PM, with no crying tonight!

7:10 PM – I finish cleaning up and prep J’s bottles and food for daycare tomorrow.


7:30 PM – Mama treats herself to an ice-cold brewski on this hot summer day and the huz and I watch half of a DVR’ed episode of So You Think You Can Dance and have dessert. I spend the rest of the evening writing this post, planning meals for next week, surfing the web, and aim to go to bed around 10:00 PM (usually asleep closer to 10:30 PM though). Then wake up and start over again!


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