J’s First Birthday Party!

A couple weeks ago we had a party to celebrate J’s first birthday at our house. Since we moved into our new house last summer, this was the first real big gathering we’d had, so it was sort of a housewarming for us in a sense too.

Though most of the party took place in our backyard, we decorated inside our dining nook as well. I can’t bring myself to take down the decorations yet – two weeks later – because it’s a happy reminder of such a special day for us!


Since the time I was pregnant, J has always been our ‘little bear,’ so we had some bear-themed paper products to spice up the party. I ordered these from Oriental Trading. They actually have lots of cute and different 1st birthday party themed products to choose from.


We ordered our cake from Benny’s Bakery in Saline and they did such a wonderful job creating this delicious and precious cake that matched our party theme! The cake was half chocolate and half strawberry with cream cheese frosting, because why not?!


We rented a tent and table and chairs for our backyard, in addition to our existing patio furniture. It worked out really nicely. We were super lucky with the weather! A storm passed by just south of us, but we didn’t have a drop of rain. It was very hot though!


Luckily we had lots and lots of beverages to choose from. We filled up two coolers with pop and beer, plus a kiddie pool full of even more stuff. Plus a wine bucket!


I put together this collage of photos for the event and we displayed it on an easel on our patio during the party.


It really meant a lot to us that so many friends and family came out for the party! I wish we’d taken more photos with our guests. We ended up having about three dozen people over!


We had an early dinner catered by Smoke BBQ in Saline. (With the exception of the Minty Watermelon Cucumber Salad that I made.)


I’m so glad we had the event catered instead of trying to grill or cook ourselves. There were so many other details to attend to, that this really saved us. Also I thought the food was great and guests seemed to enjoy it too!


Yummy BBQ! Their loaded baked potato salad is To Die For!


The kiddo loved the food too! He went nuts for the pulled pork and went equally crazy for the leftovers the next two days too. Baby Goes Nom Nom!


My sweet baby boy is 1! This sweet nugget has brought so much joy and happiness and love into our lives over the past year.


He wore his bowtie for the occasion. Is he not the most handsome little boy you’ve ever seen!?


And of course we had a smash cake too! We’d been talking about doing this for MONTHS. Benny’s Bakery made the smash cake too and it was UNBELIEVABLY adorable!


We weren’t sure how J would react to being watched by 30+ people while eating his first true dessert but he did great! He was not shy about digging into the cake! I think he enjoyed smashing the cake in his hands more than actually eating much of it – ha!

After the cake smash, we promptly plopped this little guy in the bathtub for a quick rinse before returning to the party.


Our friends and family were so kind to shower J with so much love and generosity. He’s been having a blast with his new toys, books, and clothes!


J’s gift from mama and dada was this wicked cool Radio Flyer trike! I actually saw that Tina of CNC got this for her little one for a birthday and we thought J would like it as well! It’s pretty cool because it starts out as a stroller (for ages 9 months and up) that the parent pushes and controls and can transition to a trike for a toddler as J grows into it. We tried it out for the first time on this guy’s actual birthday a few days after the party. He’s been having a blast riding in it during our evening walks.


Also the weekend after J’s party (his actual birthday weekend was Labor Day Weekend), we took a family trip to Calder Dairy Farm in Carleton to see the animals and eat some ice cream as a fun family birthday outing.


And dinner at Sidetrack! This cutie had a side of his new favorite food – pulled pork – and loved it!


I honestly have such fond, special memories of J’s first birthday party and it will be a cherished day for us for years to come. We were really feeling the love for our sweetie and love him to pieces.



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