Fall Fun with my Cutie

Do you ever just really feel like you won the jackpot?

With this kid, I do. Somehow we ended up with the cutest, sweetest, funniest happy little guy.

Photo Oct 12, 10 26 23 AM (1)

That’s not to say we don’t have challenging and frustrating moments each day, but at the end of each day, I really just feel like I don’t know how I got this lucky.

This guy keeps us busy! We’ve been up to some fun things this fall.

Photo Oct 02, 12 12 40 PM

Seeing your child experience new things for the first time is really one of life’s greatest wonders.

A few weekends ago we checked out a little festival at Rentstler Farm Museum which is not too far from home for us.

Photo Oct 02, 12 03 02 PM

We’ve also been immensely enjoying the warm fall weather in these parts.

It was a little breezy this day! J’s soft, fine baby hair just blows wildy with the slightest breeze. I love it.

Photo Oct 08, 3 46 12 PM

Obsessed with the pull cord on his new lawn mower toy!

Photo Oct 05, 4 16 45 PM

A good run through the grass always makes for a good time.

Photo Oct 12, 4 49 26 PM

A few days ago the three of us visited Wasem Fruit Farm. We went on a weekday which was a good idea because there were no lines for donuts!


Fact: Wasem has THE best donuts in the world.

We purchased thirteen. One dozen for the huz and I, and, er… well, one for J. (I wish I were joking.)

Actually he wasn’t really even a fan! Silly kid.


Also true: Dexter Cider Mill may have the best cider around. It’s by far the best of the multiple kinds I’ve sampled this fall.

But really, those Wasem donuts are something else. They will change your life. And I’m not even a huge donut fan generally speaking.


What J DOES like lately, though, are clementines. Honestly he was really hilarious with them the first half dozen times I introduced them. These pictures crack. me. up. Sour! Sweet! Juicy! So weird!


But suddenly, yesterday, J decided that CLEMENTINES ARE THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD and he would cry after finishing each one, until we let him devour three of them. I mean, they’re healthy and they’re not that big, right? What’s the harm?

Oh and then he vomited as soon as we arrived at Three Cedars Farm in Northville yesterday. Oops. Naturally I felt horrible. After he got sick, he seemed just fine, and we resumed our farm visit as planned. And he’s been perfectly fine since, so I guess moving forward we are just going to have to limit his clementine consumption! Today we stuck to just one clementine for the little one.

Does this guy melt your heart, or what?

Photo Oct 05, 11 35 01 AM

I’m hoping to write a post about what he’s been nomming on lately soon.

It’s a little hard to find the time, because I’m always busy chasing this guy around the house if I’m not at work.

Photo Oct 09, 3 40 36 PM

Yeah, mama, I need to dump out ALL THE BINS today, okay?

Photo Oct 12, 8 38 57 AM

Another fun thing the lil guy and I have been up to this fall is attending a music class once weekly, on my day off work that we spend together. He seems to love it, and is in awe of everything happening during class. Clapping, singing, shaking instruments – all sorts of fun stuff. I snapped this photo during our last class – clearly mesmerized.

Photo Oct 19, 12 05 55 PM

Okay, so that segue took a bit of a detour, but yes, yesterday we paid a visit to Three Cedars Farm in Northville.

Photo Oct 22, 11 32 18 AM

Yeah we’re those city folk takin’ pics by the pumpkins.

Photo Oct 22, 11 56 41 AM

I can’t help it, okay? Babies with pumpkins are just too dang cute.

Photo Oct 22, 11 57 10 AM

So those are a few of the things we’ve been up to this fall. Today we had a family photo shoot at the park, too, and I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Coming up over the next week are a couple different Halloween festivities and J will get to wear his first Halloween costume! (This is actually his second Halloween. He was just a few weeks old last Halloween and we just threw a pumpkin bib on him and called it a day. This year should be a little more exciting.)

Thanks for popping by!

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