Before and Afters

Hello friends! I wish I had more time for blogging – it’s so hard to keep everything balanced at this phase of life. Family, work, personal life, social life, health, hobbies. Seems like whenever I’m rocking in one area, the other areas suffer.

Yes, there is still a good deal of cooking going on around these parts (most recently tried this really fantastic recipe for Crock Pot Beef Stew from Iowa Girl Eats) it just doesn’t make it on the blog as often. (Follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates!)

In any case I wanted to pop in to share some updates to the MegGoesNomNom kitchen. We’ve planned on getting a backsplash installed since we moved in and finally did!

Here is the BEFORE picture:



FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (4)


We’re extremely happy with the work our contractors did (Tim & Luke Leonard for those in the Ann Arbor area)! Great attention to detail and really adds a dressed up finish to the kitchen.


It took ages for the huz and I to find a tile that be both agreed on. We’re super happy with our final selection – glass mosaic tile. Some of the tiles are shattered glass and it really adds a sparkly finish to the backsplash. The colors also coordinate well with the other finishes in the kitchen. Love it!

Speaking of before and afters, check out how big our lil guy has gotten!

BEFORE (three weeks old):


We were going through some things in our basement and found J’s old infant carseat (long outgrown) and he thought climbing up into it and sitting in there like a big baby was just the silliest thing ever. This kid is such a goof – love him.

AFTER (eighteen months old):


All that brown hair fell out a few weeks after birth, and all this super soft, pretty blonde hair grew in instead! I love his hair. Also note the missing sock – so typical.

Talk to you later!

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