Ann Arbor

                Meg.Goes.Nom.Nom. Detroit restaurants

Here you will find a directory of my blog posts featuring foods enjoyed while dining out in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the surrounding area. (Many restaurants have multiple posts, hence the numbers in italics!)

Maybe one day I’ll get around to organizing this in a neater fashion.

Updated 11/17/14.




13 thoughts on “Ann Arbor

  1. I just found you via HLB and I simply LOVE this page and can’t wait to read all these posts! I live in Plymouth but went to undergrad at Michigan and of course am a huge Ann Arbor fan. Yay!

  2. Just found your blog yesterday, and all I can say is WOW! Thank you for documenting your experiences and sharing them with the community. I also went to UofM and graduated in 2011.

    I recently launched a website called Our mission is to replace the 5-star review system used by sites like Yelp. I was wondering if you could use my site and give me some feedback. We are in the early stages so please don’t lose hope if you don’t like it. We are constantly improving our site based on user feedback.

    I would love to create a product that helps you share your experiences with the community. Any feedback on how I can do that is appreciated.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Best Regards,

    • I have actually, but only once, a few months ago, and it was so random I never got around to blogging about it! (Which is sad because the food was awesome.) Thanks for reminding me! I need to both 1) go back again and 2) blog about it! 🙂

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