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Sunday in the Life of MGNN

Sunday in the Life of MGNN

Sunday at MegGoesNomNom After groceries were purchased, Lunch was consumed. Pineapple and cottage cheese. Banana and PB. BBQ Chicken sandwich = canned chunk chicken + Sweet Baby Ray’s + toasted whole wheat bread + melted Swiss cheese. Genius sammie idea courtesy of AD’s bro! A mug was sacrificed. Salesperson at BBB told us we could … Continue reading

Lunch win, Dinner fail.

Whole Foods’ Vegetarian Grape Leaves Lunch today was a SUCCESS. Remember my raving about the vegetarian grapes leaves from Whole Foods the other day? Wellll….today I discovered you can just buy a straight-up container of just grape leaves! SCORE. I ate around 3-4 of these today for lunch, with a bowl of Corn Poblano soup, also from … Continue reading

Turkey and Havarti Cheese in a Sundried Tomato Flatbread Wrap

I made a fantastic wrap today! Found these super tasty sundried tomato flatbreads yesterday while grocery shopping, and into the wrap went mesquite deli turkey, romaine, havarti cheese, miracle whip, honey mustard, banana peppers, red onion, and tomato. YUM. Below: Flash + food pictures = washed out. Still tasty though!