Our House – Before and After!

In 2009, the huz and I bought our first house! We haven’t done many major renovations – most changes have been of the cosmetic sort: had the interior painted, new draperies, wall art, rugs, furniture. I’d like to share some before and after photos of the interior of our house. The "before" pictures are from the listing when our house was for sale, and the "after" pictures were taken by me a few months after moving in!

BEFORE- Formal Living Room:

AFTER- Formal Living Room. Had walls painted, from pale yellow to a richer tan "lanyard" color, new draperies and hardware, added our furniture and wall art.

BEFORE- Kitchen:

AFTER- Kitchen. Updates: painted, changed from pale yellow to this lovely green color, called "Avocado." I love our under-cabinet lighting.


BEFORE- Dining Room:

AFTER- Dining Room. Changes: Painted this amazing red color, added our dining furniture, wall art, and rug. The sliding glass doors lead out onto the deck in our back yard.

BEFORE- Bedroom:

AFTER- Bedroom. Changes include re-painting the room from a pale green to this rich brown color, called Mocha, and adding our king-size bed and frame, nighstands, lamps, and bedding. I simply adore our bedding. ❤

BEFORE- Upstairs bedroom:

AFTER- Upstairs bedroom. This room is actually intended to be the master bedroom, as it has ‘his and hers’ closets and attaches to the master bathroom, however we made this room into our office/wardrobe room, as it houses our two desks, as well as our dresser and all our clothes and shoes. Works very well for us! We painted, changed from pale pink, to this purple shade. This wasn’t really the color intended for our office, but instead for our bedroom, but since we decided to make this into an office after painting and before moving our furniture in, we just went with it and made it work!

BEFORE- Master bathroom:

AFTER- Master Bathroom. We didn’t change much! We added our vanity accessories, a new seat, and a shower curtain. Double sinks are amazing. This is my favorite room. Our shower and toilet area is also covered in marble floors and walls (not pictured!).


AFTER- Loft. Changed the wall color from pale yellow to this tan "lanyard" shade, added valances and new hardware, added our funky furniture and wall art. This room is pretty much my domain. 🙂

Other "after" pictures!:

Spare bedroom: wall color was changed from pale bluish-green to this brownish tan color that I love. It is one or two shades lighter than the Mocha shade in our master bedroom. The sliding glass doors in this room also lead out to the deck in our backyard.

Deck and Back of house (this picture is from the listing – the furniture is not ours!):

2 thoughts on “House

  1. just found your blog and love it!
    I love the changes you made to your home. It looks like it went from old retirees lived there to a young hip couple lives there now!

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