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The BBQ Slaw Burger

The BBQ Slaw Burger

You may have heard in a previous post that the huz’s burger was selected as a finalist in a burger creation contest at a favorite local bar & grill  – Sidetrack! The BBQ Slaw Burger – “Our Famous Burger topped with handcrafted BBQ pork, double cheddar cheese and homemade cole slaw. Served with sweet potato … Continue reading

Burger and Beer Tasting – American Classics

 What’s happening nommers? A few notable things have delayed my posting progress in the last couple days, including: Power Outage. Last night I saw a huge bright flash outside, followed by a loud boom, followed by our street losing power for a few hours. While my computer still worked due to battery power, our internet did … Continue reading

Weekend noms and brews in Depot Town, then Novi

Beer Battered Pickles. Sidetrack. $3.95. Score. Tom’s dinner. Out. of. Control. Nachos. My dinner. Black bean burger tacos. Forgot to ask for sweet potato fries! Opps! Got beans and rice as a default – they were still delicious. Beer #2. Beer #1 was a mysterious smaller brew brought to me – I just thought the … Continue reading

Black Bean Taco Loyalist

For Saturday night’s dinner, Tom and I ventured into Depot Town for dinner, even though ElvisFest was going on and parking was a bit trickayyyy. After a few circles around town, I finally found a spot and we mosied on over to one of my faves – you guessed it – Sidetrack. I’ve kind of … Continue reading

Salads, falafel, and tea; oh my.

This is a “catch-up” post for some eats over the last few days. Delicious salad with romaine, cukes, red pepper, red onion, broccoli, feta: Falafel fail. I LOVE falafel. I did NOT love this recipe. So BLAND. But it only cost me $1.67 to make ($.67 for chickpeas and $1 for pitas) and I had … Continue reading

Fried Pickles and Black Bean Tacos

Saturday it was a little windy but it was so nice and sunny out, that I really wanted to eat outside, so we went to Sidetrack in Ypsi Depot Town for dinner. Our meal started with a basket of beer-battered pickles with ranch. Yum!! Why do I ALWAYS burn my mouth EVERY single time I … Continue reading