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New Year’s Eve Feast 2011

New Year’s Eve Feast 2011

Happy New Year, nommers! What’s that you say? It’s January 8 today? Yes, I know. My bad. Now that I’ve finally gotten caught up on blogging about Christmas and our holiday vacation to Las Vegas, I’ve finally gotten to my New Year’s post. Just a little late to the party, I am. But it’s okay! … Continue reading

Fourth New Year’s Feast – Jan ’10

  This year’s selections are all repeats from previous years! My fave Orgasmic Cheese Dip (with tortilla chips and tons of jalapenos), pigs in a blanket, and Veggie Pizza. Just felt like making relatively easy, gluttonous food  this year 🙂

First Annual New Year’s Feast

Yesterday was my birthday. Decided I’m starting out my 24th year of life with a blog about… food. Guess we’ll try it out, see how it goes. I love cooking, and even more so, love to eat. So I can’t think of a better blog topic than food.. Actually I probably could, but let’s go … Continue reading